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Shadowshaper, Art, and Reclamation

“Shadowshaper takes these things a step further by using the magic of shadowshaping to fight back against forces that try to eradicate an entire heritage.” —Latonya Pennington on Daniel José Older’s YA urban fantasy novel Shadowshaper.

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This Plastic Casing of My Body, An Art

“It is so easy to consume and be consumed in ways that surreptitiously make us feel unworthy, as if we’re made of the stuff that fills so many trash cans and recycling bins.” —Emily Bowles on permanence, disposability, and the plastic nature of her femininity.

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Speech and Debate

“One day, my voice just crystallized in front of me and I realized that the silence was over. No one could ever get me to shut up now.” — Mernine Ameris on finding her voice through competitive forensics

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