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On Making Memoir

“Memoir is getting naked in front of a room full of strangers” — Jen Escher on privacy, exposure, family, and the challenges of writing memoir

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Room for All of Us

“There is nothing a mother desires more than to see her child feel fulfilled and happy with life. I have an adult daughter who is euphoric now and at peace with herself through gender transition. It makes me happy to see her flourishing. I admire her courage to change.”

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Poetic Magic: Learning and Loss

“Despite this truth, I also believe that poem-making isn’t always so logical. Sometimes, it’s as if the decision has been made before the ink leaves the pen. I don’t know where it comes from: I can’t claim it’s a gift one is born with or a mystical muse randomly spreading inspiration. But I know there’s something.”

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Explaining Myself

“I don’t write to heal, even though I’ve been told, and read, and heard from many people that writing is the path to recovery. I write because I’m a writer, and I have a story to tell.”

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