Science fiction, like all other genres, has been with us for centuries. It has found its way into our homes, onto the bookshelves of readers who enjoy stories of imagination that are rooted in science and reality.

To encourage this exploration further, Ab Terra seeks submissions of science fiction stories belonging to another: stories that are written with cultural flavors that will perpetuate and promote the understanding of our siblings on Earth.

Read about our call and submission criteria at Submittable.


“Reading [science fiction] … is about reading the marginal experience coded through the discourses of material symbolism.”


—Adam Roberts, Science Fiction, The New Critical Idiom

About the Series Editor

Yen Ooi, Editor of the Brain Mill Press Ab Terra Series in International Science Fiction

Yen Ooi

Editor and Publisher, Ab Terra Books

Yen Ooi is the author of Sun: Queens of Earth (novel), A Suspicious Collection of Short Stories and Poetry (collection), and Road to Guangdong (computer game). Her short stories and poetry have been featured in various publications; most recently, her short story “The Butterfly Lovers” was published in The Good Journal 3. She is a PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London, focusing on Chinese science fiction, where she is interested in the evolution of the genre and the discourses between native and diasporic voices. As a writer and editor, Yen hopes to develop writing that is rich in culture that will add further value to the development of genre fiction. Yen is a lecturer at Westminster University’s MA Creative Writing course, a mentor in marketing and publishing, and co-founder of CreateThinkDo. She is a member of BSFA, LSFRC, and Worldcon.

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