In the mid-1930s, two men met in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, and fell in love. Robert Neal and Edgar Hellum shared an interest in preserving the old Cornish houses that families had built in the small town’s nineteenth-century heyday as a mining community, and they worked together to restore one to live in — a stone cottage they called Pendarvis House.

Over time, Pendarvis House gained an international reputation. Food and cultural critics, political officials, celebrities, and ordinary people from all over the world came to Mineral Point to eat, connect, and admire the Cornish architecture and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

It is because of Robert Neal and Edgar Hellum that Mineral Point became and remained a community of artists and makers — because they saw something they wanted to do, something they felt was important, and they did it in a way that brought beauty and more people into their lives.

The Hellum & Neal series seeks full-length LGBTQIA+ submissions across all genres and the full spectrum of sexualities and identities. We’re looking for books written with passion and conviction that speak to a diverse readership, because we believe that everyone deserves to tell their story and everyone deserves to have their story told.

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