Portaging by C. Kubasta

Portaging celebrates new writing from the Midwest with a particular focus on experimental and hybrid work from small presses.

C. Kubasta lives and writes in central Wisconsin. Her poetry and prose celebrates the rural: the strange and beautiful, the awkward and forgiving. Despite the lower population density, she can always find plenty to write about. She is the author of two chapbooks, A Lovely Box and &sand the book All Beautiful & UselessA second book of poetry, Of Covenants, is forthcoming in 2017.

Find C. Kubasta at her website.

The Poetry of Excel Spreadsheets

“Collaborative texts, intertextual texts, and anonymous texts kick the legs out from under the very notion that a text can be owned and controlled.” On poetry, erasure, the reclamation of power, and the collaborative project of #metoo.

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The Portage

“In keeping with Brain Mill’s mission, Portaging hopes to highlight marginalized voices, as well as marginalized forms.”

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