A Liminal Comics Production
Release Schedule: part 1, September 12, 2017; part 2, October 10, 2017; part 3, November 14, 2017; omnibus digital and print, December 12, 2017

Print ISBN: 978-1-942083-70-2

Brain Mill Press offers the three digital volumes of Future Echoes in PDF, EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), and CRZ (comics archive) formats.
The collected three-part story is also available in a paperback edition. Print book buyers receive access to the ebook files in all formats.

This is no ordinary bone-chilling heartstring ripper.

—Shelly Bond, Editor/Curator, BLACK CROWN


A religious experience, akin to dreaming with your eyes open.

—Neil Gaiman, on the work of Al Davison


Al Davison astounds us once again with his deft marriage of a personal perspective that is utterly unique and his facility for line, form and anatomy that takes the breath away.

—Alan Moore, on the work of Al Davison


Al Davison is a true artist.

—Mike Figgis


One of the most consistently original and thought-provoking creators working in comics today. Al Davison's art is a joy. His writing powerful. His martial arts, apparently, lethal. So don't mess with him.

—Jonathan Ross, on the work of Al Davison


A time-twisting, genre-bending tale of limit-defying romance that is like nothing else found in comics today.

—George Bastow


Sympathetic, beautiful, scary and smart. The art ... is gorgeous. Altogether, an excellent story that will challenge your own preconceived notions.

—Graphic Policy


Once in a great while, a piece of art comes along, destroys you, and puts you back together. Future Echoes is one of those pieces.

—Love In Panels


Harlan is a brilliant scientist who follows his own path and refuses to let anyone tell him how to live just because he’s a wheelchair user. He has only one passion: to prove that there is no such thing as the supernatural. He doesn’t believe in ghosts any more than he believes in love. One night in an abandoned chateau on the outskirts of Paris just might change his mind . . . if he survives.

Because even though no one’s lived in the old Vine estate for over a century, Harlan’s not alone there anymore.

Future Echoes: A different kind of long-distance romance.



Al Davison is a comic creator who has worked extensively for DC/Vertigo on such titles as Vermillion, House of Mystery, The Dreaming, and The Unwritten. He has also drawn Doctor Who comics for IDW, but is probably best known for his graphic memoir The Spiral Cage, which explores his experiences growing up with Spina-Bifida, a condition he was born with and was not expected to survive. He is currently working on the sequel, Muscle Memory: A Survivors Tale, which is being supported via Patreon. Al also has a comic book shop and studio, The Astral Gypsy, in Coventry, U.K., which he runs with his wife, Maggie, often — and always ably — assisted by Yen Quach.

Find Al on Twitter as @TheAstralGypsy

Yen Quatch avatar

Yen Quach is an award-winning freelance artist, illustrator, and comic artist who works in both digital and traditional media. Reflecting the world with curiosity and creativity, she began the #draweveryday challenge in 2013 and has not missed a day yet. Yen holds a degree in Illustration & Animation. When not drawing, she moonlights as the Astral Assistant for Al Davison and records her forays into the real world through urban sketching. You will rarely find her without a sketchbook of some form.

Find her at www.yendraws.com and on social media as @YenDraws.

AN EXCERPT from Future Echoes by Al Davison


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