Subversions by Sarah Hahn Campbell artwork by Brian Dixon
Sarah Hahn Campbell

Subversions presents a perspective on life, culture, and politics from a lesbian woman who lives and works in everyday America.

Sarah Hahn Campbell is a lesbian essayist and novelist who lives in Denver, Colorado, where she teaches high school English and parents a beautiful little girl with her wife, Meredith.  Campbell has published work in a variety of publications, including CurveRoom MagazineSinister WisdomIris Brown Lit Mag, and Adoptive Families Magazine.  Her novella, The Beginning of Us, came out in January 2014 from Riptide.  Originally from a farm in eastern Iowa, she holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Naropa University.

Note from Las Vegas: Enough

Sarah Hahn Campbell — who spent the evening of the Las Vegas shooting taking shelter in a boutique on the Strip — makes an impassioned argument for grassroots action on gun control.

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What I Want To Trace

On, the genealogy of difference, and the importance of rediscovering our narratives in the past.

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Today’s Headlines

You’ve seen me before. I boarded your bus last week, in the afternoon. I was the one wearing round black headphones around my neck like a DJ; I was the one in the slouchy red shorts and the too-large white Nike tennis shoes. I was the black one. My two friends and I... read more

The Slims River Is Gone

On the disappearance of the Slims River in the Yukon, and the author’s experience with loss and grief.

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We Are All Refugees

We are all refugees. When I close my eyes, I stand trembling on the deck of a ship that has just arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. It is 1881, and my hands shake because the journey across the Atlantic was impossibly rough: seasickness, an overcrowded... read more


On the Women’s March, Trump’s presidency, and the necessity of committed resistance.

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The Vigil We Must Keep

“More than most people, Alaskans know darkness.” Sarah Hahn Campbell on this dark time, Advent, and keeping vigil for the return of the light.

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Starbucks and Race

On Starbucks’ attempt to create dialogue around race, white privilege, adoption, and parenting.

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Genre-Bending Miss Dickinson

“What if I stepped out of time, holding Miss Dickinson’s hand?” Sarah Campbell invokes a nineteenth-century radical lesbian abolitionist as muse and guide for our troubled times.

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Just Like Any Other Couple

“When I started my column this month, I intended to write about the one-year anniversary of that Supreme Court decision. I wrote several drafts…But none of those drafts felt right, and I didn’t understand why, until Meredith — my best editor — said quietly, ‘Why don’t you write about how we’re just like any other couple, gay or straight? We’re a regular couple getting married. Write about that.'”

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Note to Self

Sometimes we wish we could go back and speak to our younger selves. Sarah Campbell does just that in her most recent column, “Note to Self.”

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Actual Reality

“What is real is terrifying. What is unreal is entertaining.” Sarah Hahn Campbell on reality and unreality at Universal Studios.

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Better Than Carol’s World

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Sarah Hahn Campbell compares her life as an out lesbian today to the world depicted in the film CAROL.

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Introducing Subversions: a perspective on life, culture, and politics from a lesbian woman who lives and works in everyday America.

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