My Seaborgium

Alicia Rebecca Myers


My Seaborgium cover

Mineral Point Poetry Series, no. 2

Release Date: January 18, 2016

Length: 48 pp., with interior illustration and a foreword by series editor Kiki Petrosino

Print ISBN: 978-1-942083-14-6

PDF ISBN: 978-1-942083-16-0

EPUB ISBN: 978-1-942083-15-3

MOBI ISBN: 978-1-942083-17-7

Brain Mill Press offers My Seaborgium for direct sale in ebook and in a limited fine first edition printing of signed, numbered paperbacks. Ebook buyers receive access to MOBI (Kindle), EPUB, and PDF files, offered without DRM restrictions. Print book buyers receive a physical copy of the book as well as access to the ebook files in all formats.


"The poems of My Seaborgium utilize metaphor in an attempt to account for the beauty that emerges from our moments of greatest grief. . . . Even through the pain, Myers’ speaker struggles to pay attention, to unfold that pain in ways that feel particular and personal."

—Kiki Petrosino

My Seaborgium sings songs of loss and growth, motherhood and viscera, elements and experience, with love and relatable grace.

“I’ll tell you the story,” the opening poem coos, “of how / I rolled around in a mail truck full of other / people’s letters, I was that happy / to be your mother.” This speaker guides us into her expectant waiting, calling on insight from what she knows of her parents, what she thought she knew about her body, fables and gods. She asks all of these potential sources of wisdom to attend to her as forty weeks go by and she tries to detach because “it makes birth manageable,” even as she tests her nipples “to see if they lift / away from the breast” while “standing on a mountain / and trying to spot a suitcase on the ground below.” My Seaborgium travels toward motherhood from before, during, and after the experiences of pregnancy and birth, as the speaker imagines the thickening of her infant’s fur and readies “for the bloody show.” The only wisdom she gleans from her passage is the live and atomic feeling that arrives for a child whom she tells to “be your element’s namesake / and alive, know it. My Seaborgium.” This is a book fat with heavy and wild love.

Named a 2015 Best New Poet, Alicia Rebecca Myers is multiply published in prominent journals and magazines and has been the recipient of a Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts residency.

About the Author

Alicia Rebecca Myers

Alicia Rebecca Myers is a poet and essayist whose work has appeared recently or is forthcoming in The Rumpus, The American Literary Review, Gulf Coast, jubilat, The Carolina Quarterly, The Fairy Tale Review, and Day One. In February of 2014, she was awarded a residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center in Nebraska City. A graduate of NYU’s MFA Program, she currently teaches at Wells College. You can find her online at

About the Art


My Seaborgium features a self-portrait by Lacey Jones. The editors selected this image of a mother in profile, with her child in the background, because it speaks to the collection’s interest in the ways that creation and motherhood intersect with women’s identity. Photographer Jones says that she has found parenting “such a humbling and inspiring experience in raw, gritty, tearful, ecstatic ways.” Her self-portraits with children, she says, “are generally a catharsis of my struggle between my heavy love of [her children] and mourning who I was and figuring out who I am now.”

About the Photographer

Lacey Jones is an artist and photographer who lives and works in Columbus, Ohio. View her work on Instagram.

About the Cover Design

Stray King Design interpreted Jones’s image in the signature style she created for the Mineral Point Poetry series, with color that carries into the interior of the fine first edition print book and the ebook.

The Fine First Edition

SeaborgiumThe fine first edition of My Seaborgium was produced on 80# matte paper stock in a 5.5 x 8.5″ trim size. Each copy in this 100-copy limited edition is signed by the author and numbered. The edition features Lacey Jones’s cover photograph, an illustrated interior motif by Ann O’Connell, and interior color pages.

Along with the fine first edition, those who preorder My Seaborgium also receive an 8 x 10″ a letterpress print by Kristin Joiner of 622 Press. The two-color print features lines from the poem “Lullaby,” which is included in Myers’s collection, as well as O’Connell’s Seaborgium motif, which illustrates the chapbook interior.

Seaborgium broadside

Photograph courtesy Laurels & Stars Photography.

About the Illustrator

Ann O'ConnellAnn O’Connell is a Colorado-based illustrator specializing in realistic-looking artwork. She works primarily in colored pencil, watercolor, ink, and graphite. She is currently pursuing a certificate in botanical illustration from the Denver Botanic Gardens School of Botanical Illustration. In her spare time, she recovers from her former career as an attorney and enjoys all that living in Colorado has to offer. You can view some of her work at


About the Printmaker

Kristin JoinerKristin Joiner first discovered letterpress in college and acquired her own press — an 1882 Pearl Old Style she calls Bess — on Craigslist six years ago. She produces limited-edition prints, greeting cards, invitations, and other custom work on 100% recycled cotton paper with oil-based inks and vintage wood and lead type. Formerly operating in Madison, Wisconsin, Kristin recently chose love and relocated to Bermuda with her boyfriend. You can find her work at and on Etsy at



from My Seaborgium by Alicia Rebecca Myers

(c) Alicia Rebecca Myers, 2015. All rights reserved.


Now I want joy to arrange you.

Forget the spool, the queue.

May you crow from the prow.

Be your element’s namesake

and alive, know it. My Seaborgium.

My little radish bugaboo, my

pillowfoot jeweler. Sweetgum,

sing, sing to wake the water.


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