A story-first publisher founded by authors,

Founded in 2014 by two bestselling authors with over twenty years’ experience in the publishing industry, Brain Mill Press is a midsize independent publisher of “love books for humans.” Our goal is to build a catalog of radically authentic stories and poetry about all facets of the human experience with love, understood as broadly as possible.

supported by readers,

Our books are for readers who are looking for stories of radical authenticity that make them feel intensely, think in new ways, and seek deeper connections to their communities and the world. Readers are invited to support Brain Mill Press through donation, which directly contributes to our ability to take greater risks in acquisition, production, and art each year. 

and coveted on bookshelves.

Readers are passionate about the books they read, and they read in a variety of genres and formats, and so we publish books from emerging and well-loved authors in fine first editions, mass-market print, and ebooks with the same readers’ passion for variety and diversity in reading and the reading experience. We work with artists to put original art on the covers of all of our books, invest in fresh design, and insist on impeccable editing and interior production values. Brain Mill Press wants every book our readers purchase, borrow, or shelve to reflect the joy of reading.

Each of our books are sold in print and ebook editions and are available at libraries and wherever books are sold.

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