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John Lake Concert Ticket

limited-edition letterpress concert ticket, perforated and numbered


2.5 x 5 inches

These tickets were designed as a preorder gift for Mary Ann Rivers’s My Only Sunshine. They were printed, perforated, and numbered by Sooper Dooper on a vintage letterpress.

Each ticket is numbered with a unique number. It is suitable for framing, or for daydreaming over.

The tickets were inspired by the following passage in My Only Sunshine:

“I went to one of your concerts.” She looks up to catch my eyes, her fingers woven through mine.

I tighten my fingers around hers. It can’t be good for my heart to have it stop and start like this. She was there, in the audience. For real, after my always imagining she was.

“Almost two years ago when you came through Ann Arbor, when you were touring with Before My Ghosts Change Me.

I remember the concert clearly. It was at this venue that was a converted church, intimate with incredible acoustics. It was a kind of sidebar stop—the bigger venue was in Detroit. The venue only held maybe three hundred, and I felt like the band and I about talked to every single person once the show was over. So, “Why didn’t you come talk to me, after? We stuck around forever, I would have—god, Mallory. I wish—”

“It was almost more than I could handle to sit near the back. Even there, I could see and hear you in a way that I hadn’t imagined I would. I thought it would be like watching one of your performances on the Internet or something. But I could hear every break in your voice, the way you breathed, how your violin would squeak and your fingers rub over the fret in your guitar.

“I had forgotten that there would be chatter between songs. I had just finished The Encyclopedia and thought I was ready to talk to you, but—”

“I wish you had, even if you weren’t ready.” I want to say, I was probably playing for you.

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