Ab Terra 2022 edited by Yen Ooi an Dawn Ostlund

Ab Terra 2022

edited by Yen Ooi and Dawn Ostlund


Ab Terra Books • Release Date: September 19, 2022

Print ISBN: 978-1-948559-84-3 • Ebook ISBN: 978-1-948559-85-0

Brain Mill Press offers Ab Terra 2022 in ebook and trade paperback editions. Ebook buyers receive access to EPUB and PDF files, offered without DRM restrictions. Print book buyers receive a physical copy of the book and access to the ebook files in all formats.

Ab Terra 2022 delivers the third installment of an annual short story anthology that seeks to recreate the feeling of the moment when we first laid eyes on our world through stories of science fiction belonging to all, from Earth. Twelve stories from both emerging and recognized science fiction authors offer diverse cultural perspectives and provide readers with journeys that in one way or another are “from Earth,” even if home is far, far away.


Memory and Augury by Soramimi Hanarejima

A woman uneasy with her promise to donate her memories must come to terms with the nature of memory and human experience.

The Cost of Living by Rebecca Burton

In a near future city, Ari must hide who they truly are or face their fears to make a choice that will forever separate them from the family that relies on them for support.

A Story of Circle and Breath by Megan Wildhood

A little girl tells her dying mother a bedtime story about a girl who is able to give people more time.

– . -. – . -. <Tenten> by Percy Eid

Driven to hopelessness by her eight-year-old son’s worsening condition, Maria is forced to take desperate measures in order to reach him – wherever he may be.

Fido in the Night by John Q McDonald

An unexpected tragedy has left Steve bereft of his one love, and the emptiness he experiences is mocked by the magnificence of his scientific discoveries.

The Parchment by Andy Betz

A human soldier of an interstellar war finds himself captured and given the chance to do his part for humanity.

Teaching an Old Dolphin New Tricks by Timothy C. Goodwin

Sure, The Galloping Dolphin is on fire, the ship’s AI is dead, and no one has seen that kid Billsie, but no worries — Rosetta is here to save the day. 

Scout Returns by James Kerner

An alien robot with disappointing news to deliver makes first contact with a GenZ stoner. 

A Helping Hand by Jennifer Kennett

About to lose his arm to infection, Asim has an opportunity to save it — but the choice may prompt nightmares worse than the ones caused by his fever.

Artificial by Jason Masino

Granted consciousness, a robot begins processing its strange new world, exploring the connections between creativity and consciousness.

If Bears Could Fly by Ksenia Shcherbino

When an upgrade goes wrong at the facility where caretaker Sadie raises mecha-bear cubs, she begins to see the world in a radically different light.

Picture a Sunset by Remi Martin

Trace wakes up in a different body every day and longs to settle down in a permanent form. A scientist researching the nature of consciousness may be able to help, but at what price?


Yen Ooi is a writer and editor—2023 Hugo Award finalist—whose works explore cultural storytelling and its effects on identity. She is obsessed with science fiction, where she excavates stories to expose and explore permutations of culture across the genre. Yen is author of Rén: The Ancient Chinese Art of Finding Peace and Fulfilment, narrative designer on Road to Guangdong, as well as author of Sun: Queens of Earth (novel) and A Suspicious Collection of Short Stories and Poetry (collection). When she hasn’t got her head in a book, Yen also lectures, mentors, and plays the viola.

Dawn Ostlund writes stories about technology’s effect on rituals and traditions around the world. She holds an MA in Politics, Media and Performance and an MA in Creative Writing.


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