Mary M. Mazziotti

Mary M. Mazziotti

Mary M. Mazziotti is an American visual artist whose makes make memento mori in a variety of media from embroidered textiles to full-sized billboards. She exhibited at the O. K. Harris Gallery in NYC until its closing in 2014 and is currently represented by Borelli-Edwards Galleries in Pittsburgh.

Ms. Mazziotti has exhibited widely in galleries and museums, including The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, The Mattress Factory, NordArt in Germany and the Emily Harvey Gallery in Venice.

The artist has been selected for residencies in Venice, Spain, France, and Australia as well as throughout the United States. Ms. Mazziotti’s work has been featured and reviewed in ArtNews, Chicago Art Journal, and The Pittsburgh Post Gazette and can be seen at

Mary is a winner of the Driftless Unsolicited Cover Art Contest.

Art by Mary M. Mazziotti

Technologies cover art

Technologies of the Self

"American Memento Mori / Angel": appliqué and hand embroidery on vintage textile
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