Cindy Bean

Cindy Bean

Artist’s Statement

In May 2006, Cindy Bean went to visit her grandparents in the small German town of Hermuthausen. In their sitting room, they had a few traditional Scherenschnitte on the wall. The simple beauty and intricacy of the pieces inspired Bean to create her own. Through trial and error, she developed expertise in the technique. Bean gains much of her inspiration from silence. Freeing herself from the constant bombardment of everyday tasks helps her to be more creative and opens her mind. She also makes and distributes simple templates with the goal of teaching others and keeping the tradition alive and growing.

About the Artist

Cindy Bean (American, b. 1975) was raised in Las Vegas. She won her first art competition in fifth grade with a drawing of a dancing, caroling moose for a Christmas card. Cindy graduated with a degree in Design from Brigham Young University in 1999 and has worked as a graphic designer and artist since then. One of her favorite projects so far has been to work in the Tower of London for a month creating eight large paper cuttings for their Children’s Education Room. She also loves selling her work at Comic Cons, mostly so she can stare at all the people. Currently, she lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, bonus son, toddler daughter, a daughter on the way and a very neglected Yellow Lab.

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Art by Cindy Bean

Kith and Kin

Kith and Kin cover art: original papercut

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