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The Driftless region of Wisconsin state is land that the glaciers never reached — a dramatically hilly landscape, unpressed by the weight of glaciers, with ore so close to the surface it was collected by individual miners who dug their own “badger holes” in the mineral-rich ground.

Since the miners left, this beautifully strange region has collected artists and makers, inspired by each other and the shadows and light created by ancient trees and changes in elevation.

Each year, Brain Mill Press holds the Driftless Unsolicited Novella Contest to select the novellas that will be published in the series. Two winning novellas each receive a $250.00 cash prize, a publication contract, and royalties for the novella with Brain Mill Press. The novellas are published in print and ebook and receive international distribution.

Read about our call and submission criteria on our Submit page or at Submittable.

2016 Driftless Unsolicited Novella Contest Winners


Rosa by Barbara de la Cuesta

Girling by C. Kubasta



Rules To Win the Game by Matthew Burnside

Something That Didn’t Happen by Rupert Nacoste


2016 Driftless Unsolicited Cover Art Contest Winners


“#822 from the Phonography Series” by Matt Gold

“#4732 from the Unplanned Series” by Janelle Cordero

2015 Driftless Unsolicited Novella Contest Winners


Technologies of the Self by Haris A. Durrani

Faith Healer by Victoria G. Smith

Glen Willow Gardens by Lisa Julin Sharon



Under Current Gravity by Graham Bowlin

Edna and Luna by Gleah Powers


2015 Driftless Unsolicited Cover Art Contest Winners


“Flux” by Erika Craig

“Malachi” by Hannah Irlbeck

“American Memento Mori / Angel” by Mary Mazziotti

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