Open Book with Joanna Harader
Joanna Harader

Open Book presents progressive perspectives on faith and social justice by Joanna Harader and guest writers of all faiths.

Joanna Harader‘s literary creations can be heard from the pulpit most Sunday mornings at Peace Mennonite Church in Lawrence, Kansas. You can also read her essays from time to time in The Christian Century and The Mennonite magazines, as well as various and sundry places online. She has degrees in creative writing, biblical studies, and English literature, plus a diploma that claims she has mastered divinity. In addition to pastoring and writing, Joanna devotes energy to raising her three children, keeping up with her husband’s random hobbies, and playing with art supplies in her basement studio.

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Bathroom Bills

“Please. Please. For the love of God and your constituency, find a real problem to write bills about. Because transgender people in bathrooms are not causing any problems. None. Zero.”

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Mothering, God

“Perhaps Mother’s Day can be a time to question rather than reinforce the gender binary and stereotypes so prevalent in our society. “

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Racism and the Myth of Scarcity

Joanna Harader on scarcity thinking and how the Black Lives Matter movement has come under suspicion from “progressive” white Christians

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The Weight of Love

Joanna Harader on the weight of loving even when it’s hard — the first essay in her new “Open Book” column.

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