Similar to the universe in which we all live, Brain Mill Press is rapidly expanding to encompass various areas. Of course, rather than expanding into the far reaches of space, Brain Mill Press is encompassing various areas of writing. The Hellum and Neal series in LGBTQ+ Fiction is one of the ways we’re doing that.

In case you’re sitting there wondering who Hellum and Neal are, you can read all about their story here.

BMP is looking for submissions in all genres and across the complete spectrum of sexualities and identities. While we will consider any submission that centralizes queer characters and queer experience, we are especially interested in the following broad categories:

·  Love is Love: Swoonily romantic and heartfelt queer stories that affirm the intimacy, reality, and validity of love beyond heteronormative expectations.

·  All the Colors of the Rainbow: We’d love to see stories of any kind that feature the less-represented queer identities, particularly women of any sexuality, trans* people, non-binary people, the aro/ace spectrum, and bisexuals. And, of course, anyone you feel should have been included in that list.

· Post Queer: Stories of any genre that just happen to have queer protagonists. Because you don’t have to be a heterosexual white man to solve a crime, slay a dragon, save the galaxy or be bodyguard to the President.

I’m super excited for this series, because really, every day I read books and I watch movies. And every day I wonder, is that heterosexual white male the only person for the job? There are other people out there. I cannot wait to get my hands on the books of this series and read about somebody new.

Thinking of submitting your work, or know someone who might be interested? Submit manuscripts here.

The editor for the Hellum and Neal Series is none other than Alexis Hall:

Alexis Hall

His debut novel, Glitterland — a contemporary male / male romance – was sufficiently well-received that he chose to follow it up with a lesbian paranormal series and set of steampunk stories about skypirates and krakens. He has come to accept that consistency is something that happens to other people. Despite his unorthodox approach to personal branding, his work has garnered a number of accolades, including a Lambda nomination. He blogs vigorously for anyone who will have him and was involved in the organization of Queer Romance Month in 2014. He is very pleased to be joining the Brain Mill Press team as the Hellum and Neal Series editor, where he hopes to introduce a diverse range of LGBTQ+ stories into the hearts and hands of readers.

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