The Art Garage is a non-profit community gallery in Green Bay, WI that also hosts low-cost studio space for visual, performative, and literary arts. The Art Garage is where Brain Mill Press has its offices and participates in community art events. Recently, Brain Mill Press was given space in the gallery for display, and we used the space to hang an educational installation that discusses how art becomes a cover. Brain Mill Press has a commitment to using original art and innovative book designers for all of its covers, and this installation walks patrons through the process. BMP plans on updating this installation with a new cover and book every three months. Until October, the installation discusses C.M. McKenna’s BADGER and the art of illustrator Grace Mutuku and designer Book Beautiful.


Installation with cover concept sketches, final drawing, design concepts, and final, along with a sample of the book to look at and touch, and the letterpress art that arrived with pre-orders.


The How Does Art Become a Book Cover? Installation at The Art Garage in Green Bay, WI.


Final with design concepts.


Rough sketch concepts.


Final Drawing.


Adrian’s eyes follow you where ever you stand!

Looks for more updates on cover installations at the gallery, and if you’re a Fox Valley or will be in the Green Bay area, check out The Art Garage. Ruthie and Mary Ann also teach workshops in literary arts at The Art Garage.

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