Yesterday, April 14th, marked Equal Pay Day in America. It’s not just any old day randomly assigned to bringing awareness about equal pay, however. April 14th represents the day that women have to work to past the first of the year, in addition to a regular calendar year, in order to make the same as a man during one calendar year.

Yes indeed, women are estimated have to work 16 months to make the same amount as a man will make in 12 months. That means that it takes the average woman four years to make what the average man makes in three.  That is an astonishing statistic. Imagine what you could do with an extra year’s salary every four years!

What does this have to do with Brain Mill Press and Poetry Month, you ask?

As a part of Brain Mill Press’s Celebration of Poetry Month, and in recognition of Equal Pay Day, BMP is holding a very special poetry event. We want you to send us a poem responding to the following prompt. Then we’ll post it here on the blog and promote it all over social media!

We’re looking for poems inspired by the contest prompt: work.

An example of what we’re looking for can be found here. Dorianne Laux’s poem about her work experience is moving and will leave you thinking about your own phone calls.

Entries can be sent to by 11:59 pm on Monday, April 20th. Poems will be posted on the blog on Tuesday, April 21st.

We’ll be hosting another poetry contest with a different prompt at the end of the month on the 30th, and from these two contests, three overall poets will be chosen by the editors. The first place winning poet will win a super awesome SWAG PACK!

swag pack


That’s right, you’ll receive Brain Mill Press Member Level privileges, a BMP pen, BMP t-shirt, a letterpress print, free signed print first edition of THE DARK SPACE, and recognition by BMP! I know. It’s almost swag overload, all for the price of one exceptional poem.

So get writing!

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