Yesterday, I ran across an old
Father Knows Best TV episode,
a show I loved as a child, wanting
more than anything to have
a nickname other than
Stinky Pants. Kitten or Princess?
Who was whom? I don’t
remember. I do recall
taking a thick piece of cardboard
and drawing outlines of my feet,
then cutting them with the scissors
I wasn’t supposed to use.
I inserted a piece of string
to go between my toes, big knot
on the bottom, then attached
the rest to either side of my foot.
Didn’t my toes feel free and cool
and princess-like? At least
until I took a step or two,
tried to walk away from the yard
in front of my house. Until
the center knot pulled through
and there I’d be flapping
and fretting on my way back
to where I’d try
this process over and over,
never really getting it right,
all the while calling Oh, Bud, Oh,
Bud, Oh Bud.

About Karla Huston

About Karla

Karla Huston, Wisconsin Poet Laureate (2017-2018), is the author of A Theory of Lipstick (Main Street Rag: 2013) as well as 8 chapbooks of poetry including Grief Bone, recently released from Five-Oaks Press. Her poems, reviews, and interviews have been published widely, including the 2012 Pushcart Best of the Small Presses anthology. She teaches poetry at The Mill: A Place for Writers in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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