Alexis Hall


Hellum & Neal Series in LGBTQIA+ Literature


General Release: Fall 2016

1864: Thomas Mandeville, a priest searching for faith, finds instead Michael Dashwood, a whore searching for oblivion in the worst opium den in London. Quiet, incendiary truths burn between them in Thomas’s London home, where he nurses Michael back to health, even as he’s increasingly undone by the discovery that he desires him, finds his faith in him, loves him. The third son of the Marquess of Montrose, Thomas has surrendered his dreams to his father’s expectations. But with one brother dead and the other shattered by the horrors of the Crimean War, dreams seem futile, and crushing duty inevitable.

Abandoned by his lover, Isidore, Michael has lost his youth, his senses, his hope, to opium and prostitution. No will left but the wish to see the stars and breathe country air, Michael relents to Thomas’s wish to retreat to his country parish of Nettlefield. In the red-gold lanes of the eccentric Oxfordshire village, far from the fleshpits of Tiger Bay, the two men find a fleeting sense of intoxicating belonging and acceptance away a from larger world that has no place for them.

Nettlefield is a tale of passion and truth, and the freedom to find both.

About the Author

Alexis Hall

Since graduating from Oxbridge in the early 2000s, Alexis Hall has held a variety of jobs, none of them entirely suitable. His debut novel, Glitterland — a contemporary male / male romance – was sufficiently well-received that he chose to follow it up with a lesbian paranormal series and set of steampunk stories about skypirates and krakens. He has come to accept that consistency is something that happens to other people. Despite his unorthodox approach to personal branding, his work has garnered a number of accolades, including a Lambda nomination. He blogs vigorously for anyone who will have him and was involved in the organization of Queer Romance Month in 2014.


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