Annamarie Bellegante

Annamarie Bellegante

Born and raised in Des Moines, Annamarie has been searching for a way to connect with the book publishing community within her beloved hometown and is absolutely thrilled to join Brain Mill Press. She currently works as a Content and SEO Strategist for a local web design company, but in her spare time she attends a monthly book club, volunteers at church, enjoys time with family and friends, and goes on many Skype dates with her boyfriend Tom, who is pursuing higher education in Colorado. An avid book reader and tea drinker, Anna loves all things relating to storytelling, language, editing, and humans. Her hobbies include spectating and participating in the performing arts, and she is a huge fan of semicolons and the Oxford comma. In spite of her usual hesitation of using superlatives, Anna strives to live each day according to the best song written by the best band: “All you need is love.”

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15 Books You’ve Probably Never Heard of to Gift to Young Girls

We all remember those books we read as kids that inspired our love for the written word. And while we adore our classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, Harriet the Spy, or The Diary of Anne Frank, here is a list of books to give to the young girls and women in your life you may not have heard of until now.

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