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The Ab Terra Series

in International Science Fiction

“Reading [science fiction] … is about reading the marginal experience coded through the discourses of material symbolism.”

—Adam Roberts, Science Fiction, The New Critical Idiom

Science fiction, like all other genres, has been with us for centuries. It has found its way into our homes, onto the bookshelves of readers who enjoy stories of imagination that are rooted in science and reality. To encourage this exploration further, this series seeks submissions of science fiction stories belonging to another: stories that are written with cultural flavors that will perpetuate and promote the understanding of our siblings on Earth.

The Ab Terra Series is currently open to novel-length submissions. Submission to the Ab Terra 2018 anthology of international science fiction are open. Read about our call and submission criteria on our Submit page or at Submittable.

About the Series Editor


Yen Ooi is a reader and author of science fiction, and a consultant in publishing. She holds postgraduate degrees in English literature and international business, and a bachelor’s degree in commercial music. Having enjoyed a vibrant career in music touring, education, and management, Yen started writing in 2008. She has had various publications since then: a novel, Sun: Queens of Earth; a collection of short stories, poems and illustrations, A Suspicious Collection; and short stories and poems published in other collections. She hopes to explore further the role of fiction in understanding humanity, inspecting what it is that drives us forward in our lives. Soon, Yen will be pursuing a PhD in creative writing, specialising in Chinese science fiction.


Yen enjoys reading science fiction stories that are distinctive in characteristic and use storytelling to test the boundaries of our reflection and conception of humanity. Some of her favorite stories in this realm are Vandana Singh’s “The Woman Who Thought She Was a Planet” and Ken Liu’s “Paper Menagerie.” She also enjoys the classic science fiction of Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, and others.
Yen Ooi, series editor

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